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About MAMTech Limited

MAMTech is empowering merchants with the integration tools they need to connect their systems and deliver better customer experiences.

EST. 2013

Reinventing Renovations

Mr. Arif Chowdhury was an enthusiastic individual, passionate about computer, software, technologies and so on. He has started developing software in 1990s in Bangladesh. Over 30 Years in Business Automation, MAMTech Limited has become one of the leading ERP software development organizations in South-East Asia. MAMTech serves nationally & internationally at large scale organizations.

In the other hand, Mr. Touhid was curious about websites, ecommerce, emails and so many aspects of Internet in late 90s. During studies in Malaysia, his house mates’ course works has inspired him to do a secondary course on Digital Marketing. Afterword; while he was doing his MBA in UK, one of the subjects named ‘Innovation Management’ boost his confidence to emerge in this Internet Business.

Finally; Mr. Sabbir, professionally a doctor was also passionate about programming. His dedication and hard work has inspired his other brothers Mr. Sakir, Mr. Sajjad and Mr. Ashik working in their spare room to build some websites and mobile apps. Mr. Touhid & Mr. Sabbir founded WPVA.NET in 2013 and has emerged in UK market designing and developing e-commerce and Mobile applications.

Our Team

To expand more in UK and Europe, in 2020, WPVA has merged with Mamtech Limited and incorporated in UK and Wales as Mamtech Limited. Autobiz is one of core successful ERP software production of MAMTech which is already become popular in UK organisations and Wplense for Mobile apps. We are a happy global team; working from different parts in the globe; building ERP, E-commerce and Mobile applications to manage innovation, business automation and digitalis every aspects of business.

Eng. Arif Ahmed Chowdhury

MBA, Marketing
Founder, MAMtech Limited

Dr. Md. Sabbir Hasan

E-commerce Director

Sumon Ahmed

Sales Director

Cooperation Brands